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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Midsummer Festival at Florence Griswold Museum: Home of American Impressionism

Princess B on the steps of the Florence Griswold home.
What a beautiful day we had yesterday for the Midsummer Festival in Old Lyme, CT! The weather was perfection, the scenery stunning and the good times abundant! Check it out... I'll try to keep it brief! I don't usually share personal pictures of myself or my family on this blog but some of these are so wonderful to me I could hardly resist. I guess you can call this a peek into knowing me a lil' better. ;)

We started out with a prime parking spot (always a plus) in between the two destinations of the day... The Lyme Art Association and the Florence Griswold Museum (known as the Home of American Impressionism and a great place to visit any day of the year!). We had our four year old in tow so a bee line to the kid friendly stuff was in order. First stop was the Lyme Art Association as we had seen two giant bulls enjoying a shady spot on their lawn as we drove past. I think I was as excited as "Princess B" was to get close to these giant beasts! Ok, they were not beasts... they were actually VERY sweet (if a bull can be sweet). Both were resting and chewing in the shade of a large tree and were enjoying all of the attention. Actually I think they hardly noticed us at all.
(Click on images for a larger view.) 

This is me taking a tentative first look at "Roll".
Princess B was not afraid at all.
Sharing a moment.
Can I sit on him?
A gentle giant for sure.

Then we moved on down the lawn to see some more farm animals including... donkeys, goats, chickens, and my favorite - the alpaca! I was having visions of what I could crochet or knit with that wonderful yarn that he was wearing! He was soooo soft! Rumor had it (and the flyer said so) that there would be artists paining/drawing farm animals and if we brought out drawing supplies we could join in the fun. There was a painter (complete with painterly hat) painting a sheep. We stopped by to check it out but we were much too busy and excited to stop and draw one of our own. 

Princess and I watch the painter and inquire about paint choices.

After a quick peek at the used book sale we moved on to the Florence Griswold museum for kids crafts, pulled pork sandwiches, an intriguing "castle" made of branches (actually an amazing exhibit by Patrick Dougherty called "The Rambles") and to watch Princess chase butterflies near the water. I won't bore you with any more narration as I think these pics will speak volumes for themselves. I hope you enjoy them.
Daddy & Grammy head to the castle.
Me, Princess, & Grammy in the castle.




Me and my family.
There were many things on the list of exciting to do's at this festival (and I'm sure I could have done some damage at a vendor's yarn table) but we saw all the things we needed to see on this day. And we will make a point to come back next year. Check it out if you find yourself in midsummer Connecticut next year... maybe we will see you there!

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Eljay said...

This looks like such a wonderful time and makes me sooo jealous.

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