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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nature as Art

I recently took a trip to Rhode Island with my family and the beaches there are covered with the most beautiful and smoothest rocks you have ever seen. Each one is a work of art in and of itself. I would get up from my beach chair and just wander around picking up the stones that spoke to me. Some were light, some were dark, some had rings of other materials running thru them. I am told that one with a ring all the way around is a "wish stone" and that I should wish on it and throw it into the sea to make that wish come true. When I found one like that I could never bring myself to toss it. It was just too lovely.

I wanted to take some of these rocks home and enhance their beauty in my own way. I used a Sharpie Pen and some simple patterns to make a decorative rock for my bookshelf! They remind me of summer and they are so fun and easy to create.

Some other ideas of using Nature as Art can be as simple as making leaf rubbings with your child (great for the upcoming fall season), or a mosaic out of beans... or as complex as an entire castle made of twigs.

Please share with us YOUR "Nature as Art" by leaving us a link to your piece in our comments section!


Hol and J said...

Your stones are beautiful! I hadn't thought about creating patterns on any before. I would love seeing them in my own bookshelf... plain or adorned.

Christina of I Art Flirt ( said...

I know! Don't you just love the "wish stone" there with the rings going all the way thru? So beautiful! Thanks for stopping by... hope you can participate sometime!

sandy petals said...

I just love stones too, the way you have patterned them is wonderful.

Campbell Jane said...

I love rocks too! Those are gorgeous with henna designs. Here are mine

Christina of I Art Flirt ( said...

Campbell Jane,
I have been admiring your work for some time now and I'm thrilled to have your lovely comments on my blog! I would love to have you as a "featured artist" soon. I plan on featuring an artist monthly!
I'll be in touch!

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